Electronic Catalog

Selection Software

The complete catalog of Mechanovent's comprehensive product line is a critical tool for all system designers and engineers who select and specify air-moving equipment.

Conveniently put on a single CD-ROM, the Electronic Catalog includes:

  • Digital reproductions of all Mechanovent product bulletins
  • MVP for Windows fan selection program*
  • Sample guide specifications for each product line
  • Complete Engineering Letters resource library
  • Product specific installation and maintenance literature

*The Windows-based MVP selection software has been designed to help you quickly and accurately select fans for individual applications.  The program generates custom fan curves, calculates sound levels, assists in the evaluation of accessories and can even determine annual operating cost.  The software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows except Windows 8 RT.

NEW INSTALLATION (or replacing old one): Download the installer.
EXISTING INSTALLATION (version 1.94 or higher only): Download an update.


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