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At Mechanovent, our dedication to customer satisfaction is not just a promise. It's a company-wide philosophy, endorsed by all of our employees. This commitment translates into a unique customer service team, which provides unequalled customer satisfaction and exceptional value.

Contact the Mechanovent team using one of the means below.

General E-Mail:

Corporate Headquarters
171 Factory Street
LaPorte, IN 46350

Dana Wade - Director - Mechanovent Sales
Direct Phone: 219-325-6787 | Fax: 219-325-6805
Contact Dana with new business, technical questions and applications.

Pat Bessegato - Sales Engineer
Direct Phone: 219-325-6779 | Fax: 219- 325-6805
Contact Pat with technical inquiries, and application questions.

Rich English - Sales Engineer
Direct Phone: 219-325-6790 | Fax: 219- 325-6805
Contact Rich with technical inquiries, and application questions.

Kim Magers - Administrative Assistant and Order Service
Direct Phone: 219-325-6788 | Fax: 219-325-6805
Contact Kim regarding all sales acknowledgements, invoice concerns, and shipment tracing.


If you would like to contact New York Blower Company, their contact information can be found using this link.